Support children in needs

Kibera Pride Children’s Centre has served the community since 2014 on a non-profit basis, depending on the little community participation in resources, well-wishers and partners. Though initially successful, the ever-increasing population of children in Kibra Sub-County has meant the development of a lot of challenges, especially where the children cannot be turned back from being accommodated into K-Pride Centre, in spite of its not-for-profit status, and limited resources.

Educational Sponsorship Program

The program deals with school-going children who can’t afford school fees despite of their outstanding academic records. The program is open to children who are non-residents of the children’s home as well. The sponsorship caters for the fees, educational materials, and uniforms.

Fees and Uniforms

Kibera Pride caters for the fees and uniforms for the kids. As much as the learning materials, there are important requirements to ensure education. If the fees are necessary to simply benefit form normal classes for children, the uniform is a way to guarantee every child that he is part of his school and that he is the same as all the other pupils.

Since we are not able to fully cover the entire educational requirements, we are currently implementing a new campaign that will help us to raise funds which will allows us to ensure the good education and learning conditions to Kibera’s children.

Educational materials

We endeavor to provide required materials and shopping to the kids in our Educational sponsorship program. For a kid to be considered, they must have a strong academic record and show financial neediness.

An access to good materials is one of the conditions which certify good education conditions. Once your environment is good, you can learn !

Give children comfort and security

Seeks to identify, assist and educate the most vulnerable in the society, empowering them to become productive individuals, to take pride in their community, and to realize their full potential.

We rescue children

Most children are from Government Rescue Centers, through the Kenyan Children’s Court and social services.

Children are placed here by Government officials after they have lost their families through illness, death, including from HIV/AIDS or abandonment and have no one else to care for them.

A good number have been taken off the streets by the police.

Some run away from home abuse and desperation, while some are simply lost. We take care of the children once efforts to find their parents or relatives become futile.

We educate children

Children attaining school age are linked to schools, with majority attending a local public primary school, from grade 1 to 8. The older ones are transitioned to attend various boarding secondary schools from grade 9 to 12.

Kibera Pride also facilitates vocational training for the children who are not academically inclined. Day care classes are held at Kibera Pride home for the young children.

As the children grow and go out to pursue their dreams, they always have a place to call home.

We live as a family

Kibera Pride is currently a home to over 30 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) aged between 2 to 18 years of age.

With the Education and sponsorship program, Kibera Pride boasts of over 50 children actively on sponsorship both in primary and secondary schools while others waiting to join tertiary institutions, colleges and universities.

Dealing with poverty in early childhood

In a bid to cater for the children’s education and well-being, while relying on occasional donations, we started the Kibera Pride Daycare Center as one of the funds-generating activities.

It’s one of our main concerns to provide basic needs to children at this young age.