Pushing all our community upwards

Women at the center of our actions

In our time, more and more women are becoming entrepreneurial and powerful. Undoubtedly, a society can't work out without women freedom. That's why at Kibera Pride Initiative, we rely heavily one women to build a bright future for all our community.

The Chama Program

Kibera Pride Women group targets women around the Kibera community who have a vision to empower one another through the Chama program. The program currently has 15 women, who meet every Wednesday at the Kibera Pride center. By implementing this program, we are establishing habits and structures which allow women to feel strong and confident. Here’s one of our main mission. 

Our vision

Here’s what we deeply hope for : increase women economic participation and self-reliance. It implies that we have to increase women’s capacity and resources for business success.

If we reach those objectives, it will be a way to inspire women around Kibera to increase effort in ending poverty. Our community will be really stronger

Our mission

Our mission is to create, empower, mobilize and actualize women initiatives, hence transforming the community.

The group is geared towards empowering women economically, with an aim of eradicating poverty and responsible use of funds for projects and investments. We believe that economic empowerment of women is key to building a strong family and a nation.

Acquiring autonomy

To build a strong community, solidarity is often the key. It allows community members to have interactions, to help each other by pushing everybody upwards. But there’s more stakes in our program than just building a strong community.

Actually, giving confidence and opportunities to women implies as well to acquire autonomy as much professionally as in their personal life. We can that strong individual are more likely to be strong as a collective and as a nation.

Please, help us to keep implementing those programs !

So far, as we said, we’ve been relying on volunteers and donations which could sometimes makes our capacity to provide support to those women less efficient, as it could have either some delays or off-peak period within donations. 

It is in regards to this that your contribution to support the program will be of great benefit. So please, make a donation !


Kibera Pride Initiative was founded with an aim to promote access to education and to provide basic needs to vulnerable children in the Kibera Slum Area. The organization was registered on February 26th, 2014 under the NGO coordination board of Kenya.

It’s focus is on the two United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals. SDG 1 (No poverty) & SDG 4 (promote quality education).



Olympic Kibera. Nairobi, Kenya


With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.


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