Access to education

Educational Sponsorship Program

The program deals with school going children who can’t afford school fees despite of their outstanding academic records. The program is open to children who are non-residents of the children’s home as well. The sponsorship caters for the fees, educational materials and uniform.


Educational materials

We endeavour to provide required materials and shopping to the kids in our Educational sponsorship program. For a kid to be considered, they must have a strong academic record and show financial neediness. An access to good materials is one of the conditions which certify good education conditions. Once your environment is good, you can learn !

Fees and uniform

Kibera Pride caters for the fees and uniforms for the kids. As much as the learning materials, there are important requirements to ensure the education’s quality. If the fees are necessary to simply benefit form normal classes for a children, uniform is a way to guarantee every children that he is part of his school, and that he is the same as all the others pupils. 

Since we are not able to fully cover the entire educational requirements, we are currently implementing a new campaign that will help us to raise funds which will allows us to ensure the good education and learning conditions to Kibera’s children. 

Kibera Pride Initiative - School Fees Fundraising

Kibera Pride Initiative relies on occasional donors and well-wishers to support the fees and educational requirements of the kids. As we said, things could become thick when donations and help delays, hence a kid is forced to stay at home as we seek other possible means. Sometimes we have to run on a tight budget towards the feeding and good health of the children in order to keep them in school. You can donate towards this cause or take an initiative of sponsoring a child in school.

As you could have understand through this page, one of our main concerns is to raise funds in order to pay children’s school fees ! We just launched a crowdfunding campaign exclusively for this project on Fundrazr’s platform


Kibera Pride Initiative was founded with an aim to promote access to education and to provide basic needs to vulnerable children in the Kibera Slum Area. The organization was registered on February 26th, 2014 under the NGO coordination board of Kenya.

It’s focus is on the two United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals. SDG 1 (No poverty) & SDG 4 (promote quality education).



Olympic Kibera. Nairobi, Kenya


With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.


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