Our Story

What about Kibera ?

Kibera is one of Nairobi's 16 slums, about a distance of 3 miles from Nairobi City. It is considered to be one of the largest slums in Africa with an estimated population of 300,000 individuals.

The majority of individuals in these slums do not have favorable living conditions.

Around 80% of Kibera has no electricity, sanitation, garbage disposal and other public services

About 20% of the population in these slums consists of children, from toddlers to teenagers.

Around 55,000 attend school in 252 community schools and five government public schools.

Most of these children do not complete their academic cycle. They’re exposed to unfavorable living conditions for both mental and physical health.

About 350,000 children live on the streets, having originated from slums. We hope that we can make a difference by providing at least some of these children better living conditions, support them in their growth and nurture them to be future shining examples.

About our founder

Our founder, Irene Kasandi, has been living in Kibera since the age of 2.

Despite the many challenges in her life, she was aided by other humanitarians and had the dream of making a children's home later in life

She was able to follow through on this ambition and now leads our organization in our Noble endeavors.

She has an intimate knowledge of what is needed in this locality and how best to facilitate delivery of services to the impoverished children and families.