Our History

Kibera Pride Initiation Organization is a nonprofit NGO and was founded on October 6th 2012 and registered on February 26th 2014.

Our primary responsibilities with the Children’s Center are providing orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs) rescue, shelter, food, education and reintegration into the society as productive members of the community. It’s located within the sprawling Kibera Slums, one of the largest in the world, from where most of the children rescued from.

In our humble beginnings we started with just 4 children and now in 2022, we have more than 50 children fully supported on a home care-based approach. Most of these children lived in shacks, but these are often dilapidated, hazardous and not a healthy environment for growth and study.

We wanted to give them a safe space to these children as well as the ones rescued my government in Nairobi. A lot of the children replaced under our care by either the government or have lost their parents due to the deadly HIV/AIDS.

These children and their guardian families often fall below the UN poverty line and we believe, backed by statistics, that with proper care and education they can have a great impact on society!

Now our headquarters has a day-care centre and a vocational training program. We have six semi-skilled volunteers and aim to expand to greater number of staff, security personnel and program officers to serve our children well !

We have more than 40 in house children and further 50 living with their Guardians and receiving our support.