Our first priority

Give children comfort and security

Seeks to identify, assist and educate the most vulnerable in the society, empowering them to become productive individuals, to take pride in their community, and to realize their full potential.


We rescue children

Most children are from Government Rescue Centers, through the Kenyan Children’s Court and social services. Children are placed here by Government officials after they have lost their families through illness, death, including from HIV/AIDS or abandonment and have no one else to care for them. A good number have been taken off the streets by the police. Some run away from home abuse and desperation, while some are simply lost. We take care of the children once efforts to find their parents or relatives become futile.

We live as a family

Kibera Pride is currently a home to over 30 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) aged between 2 to 18 years of age. With the Education and sponsorship program, Kibera Pride boasts of over 50 children actively on sponsorship both in primary and secondary schools while others waiting to join tertiary institutions, colleges and universities.

We educate children

Children attaining school age are linked to schools, with majority attending a local public primary school, from grade 1 to 8. The older ones are transitioned to attend various boarding secondary schools from grade 9 to 12. Kibera Pride also facilitates vocational training for the children who are not academically inclined. Day care classes are held at Kibera Pride home for the young children. As the children grow and go out to pursue their dreams, they always have a place to call home.

Since COVID-19 pandemic...

Home Learning Program

With the sudden closure of learning institutions in March 2020 due the covid-19 pandemic, we saw it best as an organization to start a learning program for the kids; both high school and primary at the Kibera Pride Home. The program has been of great help to the kids. Since schools will resume next year following the recent ministry of education directive, the kids will stay longer at home than ever before. In regards to this we’re obliged to find means to strengthen the learning program already on ground. We would like to continue providing the kids with a conducive learning and a homely environment until schools reopen next year.

A brief description of the learning program

Both primary and high school classes run concurrently during weekdays from 9 am till 1 pm with a short break in between. The three volunteer teachers alternate between the classes following a clearly set weekly timetable. The primary kids go through the Integrated Learning Center program which follows a similar structure as the CBC (Competency Based Curriculum) system. The program is currently managed by Mr Titus Mulama, one of the volunteer teachers.

After three months of learning, the high school students took their first exam towards the end of May and the primary school exam was done in June. It is the duty of the volunteer teachers to oversee the learning and evaluation of the students. The high school students usually do CATs (Continuous Assessment Tests) on Saturdays in a bid to keep them on toes. The CATs cover topics taught that same week.

Every Sunday, we have a talent show program where each kid gets a chance to showcase their talent. The younger kids usually model while others participate in a variety of activities like rapping, dancing, singing and even news anchoring.

Please, help us to keep implementing those programs !

So far, we’ve been relying on volunteer teachers who make sure the children study, attend classes and are examined. This is already posing a very high cost for the organization in terms of school supplies, food, etc.

It is in regards to this that your contribution to support the program will be of great benefit. So please, make a donation !


Kibera Pride Initiative was founded with an aim to promote access to education and to provide basic needs to vulnerable children in the Kibera Slum Area. The organization was registered on February 26th, 2014 under the NGO coordination board of Kenya.

It’s focus is on the two United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals. SDG 1 (No poverty) & SDG 4 (promote quality education).



Olympic Kibera. Nairobi, Kenya


With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.


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