Overall Goal

Support children in needs

Kibera Pride Children’s Centre has served the community since 2014 on a non-profit basis, depending on the little community participation in resources, well wishers and partners.Though initially successful, the ever increasing population of children in Kibra Sub-County has meant the development of a lot of challenges, especially where the children cannot be turned back from being accommodated into K-Pride Centre, in spite of its not-for-profit status, and limited resources.

Where to start ?

Reach the children in needs...

The first step to start our project was to reach to the children in needs in order the give them our support. So, we've had secured, renovated and furnished a rented safe space at Olympic estate, Kibra Sub County for initial OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) service provision to rescued children, on leasehold term. It enabled the target beneficiaries to access OVC support services each year, 2014 to date.

Here are some of the main achievements...


... and more !

Apart from those main achievements we are really proud of. The commitment of our team has been huge and allowed us to make many progress useful to increase Kibera's children everyday life. Here are some others essential points we achieved :

  • Provided writing and reading aids to all pupils under her care each academic year since 2014 to date.

  • We’ve been a source of income and livelihood for families depended on the volunteer staff (8 in number), which has enabled them to meet their basic needs, through the monthly volunteers allowances.

  • Participation in many child-oriented programs sponsored by the government, other Non-Profit organizations and education stakeholders in Kibra Sub-County, and Nairobi County.

  • OVC efforts have been recognized internationally, with the founder, Irene Khasandi being awarded and having appeared in many TV and media interviews as a champion for the rights of the OVCs from informal slum settlements.

What's next ?

The COVID-19 Pandemic, like all other community based initiatives that depended on some level of external assistance, has affected Kibera Pride Children’s Centre in a very big way. As part of learning from Covid-19, the management is in the process of designing a post-covid 19 strategy that will be projected to allow Kibera Pride to grow resilience and finance autonomy in the future, with less dependence on donations and external fundraising.

You can make a donation ! To do so, please click on this link !


Kibera Pride Initiative was founded with an aim to promote access to education and to provide basic needs to vulnerable children in the Kibera Slum Area. The organization was registered on February 26th, 2014 under the NGO coordination board of Kenya.

It’s focus is on the two United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals. SDG 1 (No poverty) & SDG 4 (promote quality education).



Olympic Kibera. Nairobi, Kenya


With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.


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