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September 8, 2021
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June 29, 2022

We are proud to announce the launch of a fundraising campaign to bolster our efforts to continue providing education to vulnerable children in our society! The campaign is held on Fundrazr and aims to fund all the educational costs for 150 youths in the next year! Here are our campaign details!

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Our Mission: 

Our mission is to be the best safe space for these children to grow and develop into future leaders, and participate in modern society. For that we assist them in acquiring education by funding their school fees, providing them with a healthy and safe environment to live in, volunteer teaching, school books and exercise books and more!


However, due to us being a small nonprofit organization, we have difficulties funding this education. A delay in donations often causes a delay in their education. We also need to provide them with textbooks, exercise books, school uniforms and more.

Besides direct educational costs, the children often require additional support due to the unstable background they have lived in and adversities they faced.

How You Can Help:

You can help us by donating however much, and these proceeds will go to their education fees and related expenses such as textbooks, exercise books, teaching aids and more. Imagine a brighter Kibera where the children are now leaders and paving the way for progress and an end to the suffering of their peers.

Our current goal is to collect donations to provide educational support for 150 children in the Kibera Slums for a duration of 1 year. 

When you subscribe to us, you will also get updates on the happenings at Kibera Pride and the children learning, thanks to your contributions!’

Learn More:

You can learn more about our founder’s vision as well as the experiences of our children and volunteers at Kibera Pride below: 

We hope your donations will aid us in continuing to do this in the future! Join us today and help us educate our 150 youths next year.

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